Can you imagine a life without iron? Can you imagine a life without iron?

Iron And support.

The house or building where you live. PCs, refrigerators and washing machines in the house. Cars, trains and rails, and planes and ships when traveling. There is always iron around us as part of our lives. For more than half a century, Sanpei Kogyo has been at the forefront of iron production and has supported it.
By providing total maintenance services such as inspection, construction, cleaning, cleaning, repairing, and renewal, we have quickly, safely, and accurately backed up iron production not only in Japan but also to the world. . At the same time, it means supporting people in the family, friends, Japan, and the world through life with iron.

And why we can stay at the forefront. That's because each person has outstanding technical skills and teamwork that cooperates in a variety of tasks. Tomorrow, and into the future, Sanpei Kogyo and its employees are determined to remain strong at the forefront of iron production.
To support you and your family in a life where iron is the norm from the bottom.
"I will support your tomorrow with iron."
That is the mission of Sanpei Kogyo.

Behavioral guidelines


SUPPORTBeing to support someone

With pride and pride in supporting the industry that lays the foundation of society and supporting the business foundation of customers, always stay close to the person in front of you, know exactly what you expect, and respond to it with all your might

ACTIVEThe courage to take the first step first

Think about how you can do it. Have a habit of thinking while always acting. Become an organization that accepts more activity than outcomes

INSTRUCTIONSAlways keep an eye on me

Be aware of each other's good points. Recognize their values ​​and abilities. Be aware of small changes in your daily work and avoid risks in the near future

POSITIVEHow can you do it because you can't

To do what you really want to do and to be willing to try something unprecedented. Let's make the most of teamwork without forgetting the attitude that each person acts positively

ENJOYAttitude to enjoy from doing

Have fun, if you can do it anyway. The power source to move forward is always within you. And know that customer and employee satisfaction comes from a smile and a vibrant workplace

INTEGRITYAll that is sincere

Whether you are working or making an appointment with an acquaintance or family, be honest with what you have decided. Recognize that trusting relationships with people is the most important property and the basis of everything

For everyone
I can feel safeCompany

Based on our expertise and flexibility, we will continue to be an irreplaceable partner for our customers. And we promise to create a workplace where all employees can work with peace of mind in a way that works for them. We will continue to evolve to become a company where every employee can be proud of working here.


Joined the company in 2009

Cleaning construction department

"I need to be you."

Joined the company in 2007

Machinery construction department (construction control)

The moment the sketch you make is done exactly like that, "It feels good.

Joined the company in 2000

Machinery construction department (welding)

The environment for skill improvement is in place. One of the best technical skills in Fukuyama.


We will respond to company briefings and applications.I look forward to seeing you all.